What's Your Communication Style? Nag Free Week Facebook Chat!

Relationship Expert: Nag Free Week Facebook Chat!

What's keeping you from authentic communication?

We all want and need to communicate clearly, especially to our partner; we know how important honesty is. But when it comes down to brass tacks, sometimes it's hard to say what you mean, or express yourself without triggering them. And if you don't feel heard or respected, it's even harder.

When you can't communicate authentically, pressure and resentment build up. Like a pressure cooker, there's a risk of blowing up, nagging, or becoming combative. Who wants that?! 

Wouldn't it be great to have a heart-to-heart talk with a couple who can share their wisdom to resolve conflicts in practical and compassionate ways? YourTango is sponsoring a Facebook chat with relationship experts and communication pros, Carista Luminare and Lion Goodman.

Luminare and Goodman have cracked the code on how to break through persistent communication problems. They've recognized that we all have different "LoveStyles", and each unique LoveStyle is wired for a particular way to communicate. It’s likely that your partner's LoveStyle is different than your own. When you shift your communication style so it works best for your partner, it produces much better results! Bridge the communication gap between you and yours by discovering your own LoveStyle, your partner's LoveStyle, the "Love Languages" and "Security Codes" that will allow your relationship to soar. 

Join us on Friday, November 15 from 3:00 PM (EST) and 12 PM (PST) on our Facebook page, Facebook.com/YourTango. Before you stop by to chat, head over to www.confusedaboutlove.com and click the button to take the FREE LoveStyle Profile Quiz.  In only 5-10 minutes, you'll discover YOUR LoveStyle in an email sent directly to you. Luminare and Goodman will be available on our Facebook chat to help you understand your communication style and answer all your questions about creating a real-talk, no-nag love zone with your partner!

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