Unleash The Super Model In You

Love, Self

You can be that super model for your man when you understand his deepest needs.

It’s that time of year again! Are you one of the women for whom the appearance of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue inspires shock and awe ... shock at your image in the mirror and awe for her beauty? Did cover model, Kate Upton, just up the standard for sexy, sensual and hot for you? It’s very hard to ignore how eagerly men await this annual jaw dropping exercise!! Where does that leave 99% of humanity?

Of course, if you don’t feel the need to compare yourself to super models, bravo! You’re saved from this nagging discomfort. But, if you, like many women, feel that nasty cringe in your gut that questions whether you have what it takes to sustain a good man’s attention, don’t despair! I think images of beautiful women stimulate mens senses in a way that attracts them even more to you. I think the answer lies in the evolution of man.

It is true. Men are visually oriented and are programmed from the earliest times to choose their mate based on their physical attributes, and this remains their permanent legacy. If we went back a few thousand years to the caveman era, we would step into a world where life was all about raw, physical survival! Men’s job was to scare the beasts away and scare up the food. And when it came to finding a mate, the smart ones knew what to look for. They knew, for example, that the women with the shiny, thick hair and oily skin would make the best choice for a mate because those were the tell-tale signs of fertility – a sure way to propagate the species.

Cavewomen’s methods of ensuring survival also live on in our mental programming. Thousands of years ago women smartly chose men whom they deemed would make good providers and protectors. Let’s not lie…. We still test for this today! In spite of all the socio-economic changes through the ages, we still instinctively look for the strong, provider/protector types when we are looking for life partners. Do we like Bradley Cooper, the sexiest man alive according to People Magazine? Or Tom Brady, QB for the New England Patriots? I think we do! Strong men with good genes and masculine initiative appeal to us. There are countless ways the provider/protector type shows up for us, but the key is, deep down, we seek partners with whom we feel safe.

With all that programming firmly in place, our needs and our expectations of each other have vastly expanded over time and have become much more complex. Besides everything else, we want happiness and fulfillment. In addition to being physically attracted, men also want an authentic, confident, and passionate partner who accepts, adores, and appreciates him for what he has to offer her.

Men are attracted to women who look seductively at them, (think Kate Upton on the cover), women who will dress seductively for them, (back to the cover), and women who beckon them with inviting, sensual smiles. This is the world we live in today! It’s very easy and, dare I say fun, to experiment with these things. The attraction men feel for cover models can also be experienced with you if you present your feminine side with authenticity and confidence!

In real time, the most gratifying relationships in today’s world spring from love expressed through sharing, giving, and supporting. When we shower our partners with intoxicating love and attention, they can’t wait to get back to us. The super model images and fantasies are just there to fan your man’s desire for the real you.