What To Do When You're Single During The Holidays

single on holidays
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How to avoid feeling lonely at those Holiday parties.

Now that the holidays are looming and people are ramping up for parties and gatherings of all kinds, I'm starting to hear singles murmuring about wanting to shrink and hibernate for a while. They admit they don't find the glamour of the holidays quite as tinsel perfect as their dating and married friends. 10 Ways To Show Yourself Love This Holiday Season

Couples have each other, but singles suddenly start feeling distinctly alone — struggling to motivate themselves into the world of reveling couples. Singles actually dread the prospect of getting dressed up, going out into the cold night, and trying to gracefully fit into a room of what appears to be happily connected couples...alone.

Confidentially they admit that they're somewhat reluctant to be themselves — laugh, and have a good time — for fear someone will misconstrue their behavior as flirtatious. It's understandable that with so much holiday emphasis on love and giving, singles experience extra sensitivity to being alone. Even content singles harbor dreams of meeting that perfect someone from time to time, and the holidays are definitely that time.

As simple as it sounds, I like the buddy system for singles! Pick one friend to go places with, be it your girl or guy friend. For extra insurance, also be proactive and ask your party-planner friends to invite other singles they know and love — with you in mind! 6 Tips For Attending That Holiday Party Solo

In the case of formal parties, it's even more glaring when singles are alone, without a designated other to mingle and dance with. Ideally the invitation will come addressed to "Single and Guest." I know that raises the cost issue of an extra plate, something to consider for sure, but without a partner, formal parties really pull on the lonely strings for singles.

If being single during the holidays makes you cringe and want to stay home, find ways to take charge and claim your stake in the fun. Maybe you just need a buddy, a friend who will notice how handsome or beautiful you look, someone you can be yourself with, laugh and dance with, and someone with whom you can completely relax and share the festivities of the season. You deserve fun and love ... especially over the holidays!

Besides the buddy plan, what do you think you can do as a single to lighten your heart and motivate yourself into action?

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