Spring into Summer with Confidence! Embrace Your Body!


Here are few tips to embrace the warmer weather and get body confidence beautiful!

Ahh… the beauty of Spring is here!  With this season comes that fact that we are wearing less clothing, letting go of the “forgiving” layers of winter. Psst, beach body weather will soon be approaching!

What is a goddess to do to get ready for the new season? Here are few tips to embrace the warmer weather and get body confidence beautiful!

First things first, start your day with hot water and lemon to put a spring into your step! Drinking lemon water in the morning will stimulate the body's natural cleansing and detoxifying processes.  Lemons are alkalizing (despite being perceived as acidic) in the body, thus bringing your inner chemistry into pH balance.

Exfoliate off all your dead winter skin! Choose a natural bristle.  Dry brushing is an effective method to not only remove your dead dry winter skin but it also stimulates the hard particles of matter in the lymphatic system. Work from the fingers to the heart; toes to the heart, then the stomach; all in a circular motion.  

Take an energy shower to kick start you days! Right before you jump out of the shower, turn your water to cold to emerge your body for as long as you can! When you get out, stimulate your body and boost circulation by slapping the skin using the flat of your hands. Start at the toes and work your way up, and then dry off. 

Let go of the winter cleanser and moisturizer. One must adapt to the change of weather and choose “lighter” products.  Goddesses with combination and oily skin shouldn’t forgo the moisturizer. This tends to be the biggest mistake made for these skin types, for combo/oily skin needs to be hydrated which will cut down oil production!
Choose a lighter foundation or skip entirely, and focus on the SPF (sun protection factor). According to the Canadian Cancer Society of Ontario, choose an SPF of 15 or higher. If you work outdoors, a minimum of 30 SPF is recommended. The best choice will have both a uva/uvb “broad spectrum” coverage. Make sure you apply 20 minutes before going outside and do not forget the throat and the hands which show the first signs of aging! 

Do you wish to smooth out your cellulite and reveal your goddess legs and thighs? Follow a combination of the dry brushing technique, and self massage the area of concern. Choose an essential oil and pour it into your palm and apply a “kneading technique”, as if you were kneading dough, pick up the skin and gently squeeze and release. Lastly, you need to move your body to get the body you desire! Chose a class or video and move it to lose it! 

How unhealthy has your winter eating been?  Avoid skipping meals.  Eliminate processed food and focus on foods that nourish the body, aid in guarding your health and play a role in fighting disease. Don’t forget to drink your water!

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