7 Steps To A Sexy Beach Body

7 Steps To A Sexy Beach Body [EXPERT]
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It's time to get lean and toned for some hot, summertime fun!

Summer is the season when everyone wants to look good and let loose. It is also the season that most people struggle to diet and exercise their way into the best bikini on the beach. Here are seven tips to get a toned and lean body this summer, without hitting the gym.

1. Banish belly bloat with a probiotic. Probiotics support digestive health with good bacteria that brings balance to your belly. Digestive enzymes support digestive health and works with your body's natural detox process so you can get the most out of your healthy diet.

2. Take a hot shower followed by a cold shower. This elevates puffiness and tightens your skin so you look leaner. Stay Cool! 8 Easy Ways To Beat The Summer Heat

3. Eat breakfast. Studies show that women who skip breakfast are at a much greater risk of obesity. A small breakfast bar or a muffin on your way to work is the perfect way to balance out your diet.

4. Take the pounds off by dressing to fit your body. Spring dresses create one visual line on a woman, and they look great on any body type. Love Your Body: 35 Ways To Improve Your Health

5. Put on your stilettos. Wearing high heels makes your legs look longer and a pointy toe will further accentuate the visual line. A great pair of heels accompanied with a spring dress will make you look amazing for your next summer barbeque.

6. Stand and deliver. Extend your left foot a few inches from the right. Position the left toward the instep of your right foot. This angle creates a smaller silhouette.

7. Be a bronze goddess. Indulge in an airbrush tan, which will visually take a few pounds off of your frame. 25 Tips To Lose Weight & Keep It Off

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