Empowering Men

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1-3 years


Corona CA 92880 - United States



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Author, Confidence Coach, Hypnotherapist, Neurolanguage Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

"When you release negative emotions and limiting decisions, integrate internal conflicts, and cut toxic connections -- when you align your conscious and subconscious mind -- life becomes effortless."

About Brenda Jones

My name is Brenda Jones and I'm a speaker, author, and empowerment mentor specializing in helping moms get their "me" back by harnessing the power of the subconcious mind by combining a variety of tools from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), TIME Techniques TM , emotional freedom techniques (EFT), hypnotherapy, reiki, and essential oils.

My life has been a series of twists and turns that have all led me to this point, where I get to use my experiences to help others harness the power of the mind to achieve their dreams.

In 2008, after over a decade working closely with children and families and building a successful career in the autism and early intervention field, I happily retired to realize my childhood dream of becoming a mom. My baby girl became my world and I was head-over-heels in love.

A week after her first birthday, a tragedy in our close-knit playgroup began the journey that eventually led me here. A lifelong learner, I am "that mom" who is constantly researching and learning new things, diving down rabbit holes to see what is there. My daughter was two years old when I fell into entrepreneurship (realizing some things are worth the money and deciding to invest in me).

Soon after, I began attending networking meetings, initially to network and then largely as an excuse for some me-time. I felt guilty when I went out with friends just to go out, as rare as those nights were, but going out for business felt different. It was in those moments that I began to realize that I was losing myself in becoming a mom.

Being a mom was my life-long dream and I proudly put on my "mommy" hat, yet there was this part of me that began to wonder if maybe there could be more. That's when a friend of mine said "Hey, I have a ticket to an event and I really think you should come."

My daughter was barely 4 years old and I was newly pregnant. I made some major sacrifices (for me) and missed my daughter's dance competition to attend this 3-day event my friend was so sure I would like, and she was right.

That event was another turning point that changed my life. It was that weekend that I first began learning about the subconscious mind, it's incredible power, and the tools to learn to direct it in empowering ways while releasing the dis-empowering ones.

I had been to other motivational events, and this was different. I knew this was something that I wanted more of ("life-long learner," remember?). I knew that if I could release the obstacles in my life, I'd be able to be the mom I wanted to be for my daughters. More importantly, I knew that if I could raise them using
these concepts and techniques, they would be able to live limitless lives.

That was when I decided the time to learn NLP was now. As a mom who almost never left her child, I somehow managed to attend several weeks of trainings, up until just before baby #2 decided to surprise us a few weeks early (a big shock since her sister had been over a week late). Those trainings were focused on learning the tools to use only with myself.

I spent the next couple of years being a dedicated "dance mom," homeschooling mom, and mom to a new baby. Although he supported me, my husband didn't understand what I was doing exactly. That's when I brought him to that same 3-day event I had attended years before and he got it.

Soon after, we became certified clinical hypnotherapists and things just took off. I knew instantly that I wanted to become a certified practitioner so that I could use the techniques with my family and friends. My husband came along, not sure why he was there. From there, we made the huge sacrifice to complete trainings to become certified master practitioners and trainers.

I now spend my time training, speaking, and working directly with clients in addition to being a "dance mom" and homeschooling mom to two incredible little girls. I am truly blessed that I have the ability to help so many others on their journeys while being the role model to my girls that they can truly live limitless lives.