Single For Valentine’s Day? Stop Dreading & Start Feeling The Love!


This nationally celebrated holiday of “love” is often dreaded by many singles; as it represents a...

This nationally celebrated holiday of “love” is often dreaded by many singles; as it represents a blaring reminder that one is still not in a relationship. However, instead of feeling down over Valentine’s Day you can feel the richness of the power of LOVE. Love is not just for those in relationships, love is for everyone and so is Valentine’s Day!

It only takes a slight shift in one’s consciousness to make this a happy holiday you actually look forward to celebrating.

To begin, be bold in your beliefs about love being for everyone. Although the commercialization of Valentine’s Day tells us that it is just for lovers, the fact is that love is not only for romance.  When we as humans think about someone we love, our hearts and body feel the love we have for that person. This feeling of love is a good thing! Therefore, this Valentine’s Day, chose to commit to the feeling of love rather than the thoughts of still being alone. By focusing your thoughts on all those you love in your life, you are on your way of feeling the love.

The next step is to create acts of love you can express this Valentine’s Day. Each act of love you perform brings more love into your life. For instance, do you know someone going through a hard time and feeling all alone in the world? Create an act of love for them; take them out to a nice dinner, make them a beautiful encouraging card, or even bake them some cookies. Is there a nursing home or orphanage in your town? Perform an act of love by bring the patients or children valentine treats.  The bottom line is to make the goal of expressing love through your actions what Valentine’s Day is really all about.

That being said, there is truly someone for everyone in this world. No one needs to be alone during their life if they choose not to be. By committing to the feeling of love rather than thinking and feeling down about being single, you will actually be in a great place to attract your special someone. When you feel the feelings of love then radiate that out into the world, you become very attractive. Love attracts love, so keep loving on the world!