Advice on Making Football a Relationship Turn-on


Dr. Bonnie Weil a NY City based relationship expert counsels couples on keeping the love alive.

Each day people are making trades on their fantasy football leagues, picking their players etc. Fantasy football is an interactive, virtual competition in which people manage professional football players versus one another and that allows people to act as general managers of a pseudo-football team. In a survey by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association its estimated that 32 million people age 12 and above in the U.S. and Canada played fantasy sports in 2010. Participation has grown over 60 percent the past four years with 19 percent of males in the U.S. playing fantasy sports. This is an addiction for some men/woman but a much healthier addiction than adultery or perhaps substance abuse.

Saturdays and Sundays men and women are glued to their TVs at home or at a sports bar to catch their favorite team in action. Dr. Bonnie counsels patients that feel second rate to their husbands football game or team. "Its time woman and men to understand if you can't lick em' then join em'! Guys get turned on by football, now its your turn to. Don’t get turned off- Get turned on" says Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil. Don't let your partners interest turn you away or upset you, take interest in them. "Learn some players, some plays and discuss them with him, who knows, you may be surprised when he/she starts taking an interest in your interests as well," suggests Dr. Bonnie.

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