How To Reawaken Your Inner 6 Year Old!


Magic and the excitement of the unknown can take us to that inner child. See how I got there, fast!

When was your last magical experience? Every once in a while I experience the right connection in my outer and inner worlds at the same time to present, ta da, magic!

Stay with me here. Remember when you were a kid and you believed anything was possible, like fairies, mermaids, magic, Santa? Getting in touch with those feelings of anything being possible or magical is pure excitement, a bit of fear and fun. It gives us hope, wonder and a warm feeling all over, right? Maybe a bit of inner healing too.

Two nights ago I watched something on television that I found disturbing and exciting, which opened me back up to the belief of wild possibility. I realized that I was opened up, so to speak, while planning my trip to the west coast, which is coming soon.

I was looking for the extended weather forecast on one of the Internet weather sites which allows you to scroll in all directions once you are at your desired city to check out. I had my curser on San Diego, and kept going north and then west and found myself hovering on the deep, dark and cold Bearing Sea over Russia.

There was little sign of life there as I looked down from my satellite view. I could see few roads, but obvious snow and lots of green-blue water. Then my imagination met up with what I had seen the night before on the Discovery Channel. I usually pass by such programs with my remote, but there was nothing else that caught my interest.

I want you to know I seldom watch television at night but it was Sunday and I simply felt like it. This was a show on the research and evidence of mermaids. I know, I know. You are ready to click off here, but let me just tell you what I saw.

Back in 2010 geological scientists were working off the coast of Finland and Greenland doing work for an oil company, filming in a small submarine at the bottom of the sea, near an oil rig. They needed to use sonar to establish quality of the soil and whatever they do down there, but they have to look and film for an hour to be sure no mammals are around, because the sonar can harm them, even kill them.

They saw something that gave them such a start, that they had to go back down there again to try to further investigate for their own peace of mind. What they had seen was a school of large fish go by and suddenly one was speared and quivering in front of them and then in a flash a large figure, looking somewhat human with a tail went across their view apparently to gather its catch.

The next time the scientists went down, they attracted the same kind of creature and the sighting was amazing to me. A hand was suddenly on the glass from the view looking out of the submarine, and because of the light I could see through what looked like a human hand with webbing between the fingers. Then, a face and body was in view as the creature pushed off and away.

There was another film taken by British military and when slowed down, it looked exactly like the animal shown on the other films I mentioned. The governments and oil companies, of course, challenge that these are sightings of anything significant, for their own reasons, but as much as I hesitated to watch the show, I have a new surge of possibility in believing. I find it an exciting possibility that we may be sharing the planet with other near-human life forms than we know or acknowledge. 

If what I saw is the truth—and the panel of scientists seem quite believable—I feel happy that the animals have not been discovered sooner. Old sailing history has songs and legends about mermaids coming to the rescue. Unlike legend, they are not beautiful in a Disney's Ariel sort of way, with flowing hair, and yet they may be out there, spearing fish and wisely avoiding humans all these years.

I feel like a six-year-old again, believing that there are endless possibilities! Thinking about these kinds of things makes me feel excited, open and maybe able to embrace other things I have deemed impossible. Having hope and imagination is what fuels our creative brains, which is a pathway to live life more fully.

So, the next time you see one of those unbelievable stories on television about Big Foot or Champ (our lake monster in Vermont), give it a look. You might have some fun reawakening your inner six-year-old too. 

3/6/2014 Today I see articles written about the hoax that was the proof of mermaids. Sad but true. I guess as the old attage goes, "If it seems to good to be true, it is!". But, the real point of this article is to look for ways in our lives to reach that six year old self. It is from that wonder and awe that we connect with our best and most optomistic selves.

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