6 Ways To Boost Your Libido This Holiday Season

6 Ways To Boost Your Libido This Holiday Season [EXPERT]
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Some holiday-inspired tips to try when your libido is down in the dumps!

There's so much going on between Thanksgiving and New Years that causes couples to forget about each other. Despite all the added obligations that come up with family, friends, children and just being involved all the time, single people still need their weekly dose of spicy sex, no matter the time of year.

I know for myself, during the holidays, much of the time I'm distracted, overwhelmed and just plain tired, so being intimate with myself or a partner is not first and foremost on my mind. Since I'm such an advocate of keeping my body orgasmic no matter what else is going on, I've found some luscious ways to get myself "in the mood" — even when I'm not feeling it.

The first thing to understand is that if your mind isn't connected to your body, you're not going to have a sex drive. Knowing that I become sexually frustrated at those times, I have found some simple tips that help get my head back in touch with my body when they feel so far apart. Here are some ideas that you can try out when your libido is down in the dumps:

  1.  Take a long, essence oil-inspired bath as you relax away the stress of the day.
  2.  Dress in sexy lingerie that makes you feel like a goddess in the bedroom.
  3.  Spread some Sex Butter all over your vagina and clitoris, an amazing silky organic product I found that really makes you feel yourself "down there" in minutes.
  4. Turn down the lights, light up the candles and play some sensually inspiring music while you hipsway around via candlelight. (Dancing around will help activate the Sex Butter.)
  5. If you're alone, create a beautiful space for yourself and have fun "playing."
  6. If you're with your partner, now that you're feeling sexy and ready to go, have fun enticing him or her.

Remember, being orgasmic and having "sexy fun" over the holidays is just as important as all other times of the year. Make time to gift yourself and your partner those special moments of orgasmic intimacy — you will be so glad you did.

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