It's International No Diet Day Today!!! May 6th!


what is international no diet day and how you can start learning to love your body

May 6th is a very important day and if you didn’t get the memo, it’s International No Diet Day.   This is a HUGE DAY in the world for BODY IMAGE.  Body image is the way you think about and see your body and yourself.  This will have a huge impact on how you act in your personal life, your social life, your work life and your family life.

You may be thinking “Body Image”, so what?  So let’s take a peek at why Body Image is so important and people are writing and talking about it in the trades daily.  Ladies, up to 98% of you dislike something about your body and 80-90% of you hate much about your body.  How sad is that? Men, you are following right behind the women.

Your body is a miracle.  All of the mechanisms and mechanics that go into keeping yourself breathing, moving, sleeping, exercising, walking, thinking and everything else you do are so intricate and are so automated that you  really don’t appreciate them.  Instead, you focus on tearing yourself apart, literally body part by body part.  How many times have you thought about or said to yourself, “I hate my thighs”, “I wish I looked like”, “If I could only cut this off”… This is only the beginning of what is being said and it gets even nastier. What happened to “your body being your wonderland”??? (John Mayer)

Women and men alike have negative body image issues.  This is not a gender issue.  It’s a human issue.  What’s broken is your mindset about how you feel about your body. 

Marilyn Monroe, the famous icon in all her beauty was a tortured soul in so many ways.  At the same time she loved her body and inspired others to love theirs… Here are 7 lessons you can learn from Marilyn about loving your body.

Enjoy! Bonnie Gayle