One Surprising Way Men Help Us While Hurting Us

looking out over the water

How to handle rejection and move on to a better relationship.

Don’t cry if he leaves. It’s for your own good. And if he doesn't leave, take care of yourself like I did and do it yourself. Forget him and move on.

This is especially true with mature dating. When you are 40, 50 or beyond you don't have the three years that I needed in my 30s to finally come to your senses.

He's not necessarily a bad guy, but if he doesn't feel the same, forget what he wants. Think about what YOU want and need. Ask yourself WHY you picked him, and if your pick was for the right reasons. Will he really make a great lifetime partner or are you wishing he would?

I suspect that if you are already here, you already know and have kind of decided what's best to do. This is one of the hardest steps to take. I've been there and I’m here for you sister.

Let me tell you firsthand, it's a tough road for a little while, but it ends in joy. Once you get going you will end up with something so wonderful and, like me, be able to look back and clearly see the favor he did for you.

What about you? Do you have a "Steve" story? What finally happened? Or are still in it? If so, are you getting what you need? Share your story here and you'll be helping yourself and many other women.

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