Dating Right to Take Romantic Flight


It's not what's wrong with you but what's wrong with what you're doing. Learn to fix it & flourish!

So often I hear clients say they're sure that they're "defective," which causes them to not be dating material. But one client recently had a revelation, noting, “I realized I'm not 'wrong,' but instead that I’m doing something wrong.”


The majority of women who come to me for help with dating and relationships lack confidence. Most are sure something is wrong with them. What else would explain why they are still single at this time in their lives?

Is that you? Have you ever had the feeling that maybe you’re not lovable or men just don’t want “a woman like you?”

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not something wrong with you…it’s just that you’re doing something wrong.

It’s true that being your best self is critical to successful dating and finding the right man. It’s also true that there are things we all can do to improve and grow.

But ladies, at the heart of things you are kind, smart, fun, interesting, loving and lovable.

There’s nothing wrong with you. You are just doing something wrong.

Determine what you need to renew, shift or learn, and put it into practice. Then pursue full force what will bring incredible joy into your life: meaningful and true love.