So-So First Date? Why He Deserves A Second Chance

So-So First Date? Why He Deserves A Second Chance [EXPERT]

Are you expecting him to wow you right away?

Women constantly push really good guys right out of their lives without even knowing it. We do it by behaving in ways that, until pointed out by someone else, are a complete mystery. Having this pointed out to me in my early 40s was a huge part of my transition from a pretty happy single gal to, at age 47, a truly fulfilled wife of a loving and adoring man. Single? 30 Ways To Spend Your Weekend

In my never-ending quest to help grownup women find fantastic love like I did, I'm writing about the six types of single women who drive men away in order to help them (a) find love by clearing out what might be standing in their way, and (b) make better connections with men by extending them true empathy.

This has nothing to do with woman-bashing or saying you're broken in some way. I'm saying that dating and relationships are more difficult for men than for women. It simply has to do with helping you get educated.

Just like us, men can have a tough time in the wild and wooly world of dating. How would you know their experience unless someone told you? So, if you agree there is value in knowing how "the other side" feels, you should read on.

The six types of single women are:

  1. The Princess,
  2. The Eighteen-Year-Old,
  3. The Scaredy Cat,
  4. The Wow-Me Woman,
  5. The Bitter Woman, and
  6. The Sex Pot.

Today "The Wow-Me Woman" is most popular. She's all about finding the one man who knocks her socks off. She's convinced that the holy grail is that elusive "chemistry." Without it, she hardly feels it's necessary to give a guy any time or attention.The Wow-Me Woman can't define what she's looking for but swears she will know him when she sees him.

Like the Princess, when it comes to her love life, emotions rule. The Wow-Me Woman is stuck in her twelve-year-old self's fantasy and guided by feelings and intuition. She firmly believes that one day her prince will come, they will lock eyes, and then it will happen!

She wants to be swept off her feet. He needs to make her laugh, have charisma, charm and, upon first meeting, be able to carry on a conversation with her sans any silence. You know, the conversation just needs to flow.

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