Could You Send Your Financials to My Accountant FIRST??


So much of our money story is brought into our relationships - here is how to eliminate that stress!

I am in LOVE!!!  I have found the perfect soul mate!  Could you ever imagine that these two statements could cause you chronic pain the rest of your life?  How could that be?  Could a chronic headache be attached to a soul mate?  Could chronic low back pain be blamed on the love of your life?

These are all seemingly ridiculous questions, yet I want to introduce my therory on how these chronic pain issues can indeed be related to that PERFECT person you are TOTALLY in love with!

It has everything to do with your 'money story' - What the heck is a money story?

What is the FIRST thing you can remember about money in your life?  How does that memory effect how you deal with money in your life?

Does your story go something like - "Money does not grow on trees!", "No you can't have THAT - what makes you think we can afford that?", "Your dad works hard for our money", "Clean your plate - good money bought that food - you can't waste it!", 

I remember very fondly a relationship I had with an amazing man - it was FUN, EXCITING and I truly was in love with him ....until I realized that whenever we decided to DO anything, I had to pay.  Whenever we decided to GO somewhere - I had to pay for the gas in the vehicle.  Whenever , whenever, whenever - yep I was paying.  BUT, I LOVED him!  YIKES!!  

I listned to how he talked about finances and money.  We would be out for a ride and I would painfully listen to him speak about this person or that situation and how much money it cost to do this or that.  Better yet - the constant chronic talk was about how everyone could afford what he could not!

That sort of conversation, my friends, invites more of that type of energy into your life.  What we focus our attention on - how we talk - invites more of the same into our life.

When you find yourself with someone who does not have a good relationship with their finances - ie money - it would be wise to examine what your relationship is.  You may find that you are inviting into your life exactly where your thoughts have been.

Often times, we may speak differently than we think - seems pretty deep and philosophical - and I guess it probably is a bit of that - but more importantly it is training our brain to think thoughts of abundance and prospertiy.  Begin to think in a way of abundance.  Try it - you will like it.  AND I promise you will begin to notice things (big and small) to start appear in your life - in unexpected ways!!

So here's the tip I have for you today - DO NOT be afraid, hesitant or resistant to have a conversation with the LOVE of your life around money and their money story.  Share your money story with them.  Come up with your OWN 'together' money story.  Don't let how you feel about money, prosperity and abundance be an 'elephant' in your room of Unconditional Love with that Soul Mate - it will begin to destroy your LOVE like a cancer.

If you find that you just can't discuss something this delicate, then you probably have not found that perfect love now have you?

This poses the opening of so many conversations about money and how if affects the relationships we have - being OPEN, AUTHENTIC and honest if something that I am passionate about - and is how I deal with each and every client.  Please visit my website to see about more of what I do with my clients at

Hugs, Bobbi