3 Ways To Knock Out Chronic Neck Pain

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Learn how neck pain can actually mean you need to start thinking differently!

1. Become aware of where your thoughts are taking you – AND what your body is feeling when you start to think those thoughts.
The sooner this world realizes that how we treat others in our relationships has a direct effect on the pain we are feeling in our bodies – the sooner we will begin to eliminate chronic pain in this world!
That is right!  If we become very aware of where are thoughts are taking us – we could eliminate much of the chronic pain symptoms we have on a daily basis.  Hard to believe I know – but I have proven to myself and my clients over and over again!
So let’s take the old pain in the neck.  Sometimes the pain we are feeling needs a diversion – changing what we are thinking about can absolutely change the level of pain we are feeling.
What does a pain in the neck mean?  Well, obviously it could mean we slept wrong – but what if it means more than that – and what if changing a thought process could help prevent the old pain in the neck?
According to Louise Hay – Heal Your Body – Neck Pain represents flexibility.  The ability to see what happened in the past.  Often times when we are so head strong about our opinion on something do you notice you tense up your neck?  Clench your teeth while you are trying to make a point that will prove the way you are thinking about something is right?
That is directly how the way you think can completely affect the way your body feels.  Do you ever go to bed and get thinking about how someone would not agree with you on a certain subject and the old mind start spinning on what you should have said to ‘convince’ them that you were right – then do you notice that you are clenching your teeth and holding your neck rigid just thinking about it?
2.  Notice how your loved one reacts when you say certain things – what you say may start their self-defeating self-talk.
That’s right – we need to become aware of what our thoughts are doing to us – but as we begin to realize what our thoughts are doing to us internally – begin to notice what we say and how we say it affects our loved ones.  We are all aware of what triggers are loved ones.  Search out what you see causes them pain and go on a campaign to eliminate it.  The more self-less we are the more we get in return – it is truly the law of deliberate creation.  When we strive to bring about happiness to others it is only universal law that it will be coming back to us!
So that chronic pain in the neck could be eliminated or pain relief could be had simply by addressing others in a way that is more liberating and shows flexibility in your thinking.  Be willing to see someone else’s perspective – really it is so liberating and makes others feel so important.
Self-worth cannot have a dollar figure put on it.  So just think what millionaire thinking you will be promoting by making others feel important and heard.
3.  Give Up Being RIGHT!
Oh My Goodness – I said it – yep give up having to be right.  How much energy do you expel in a day arguing what you think is more right than the next guy – or more specifically your loved ones?  For one day (because it will be so much work, I know!!) be very aware of how many times when your loved ones say something you start to put in your two cents.  Making your opinion or idea a little more ‘right’ than what they said.
We ALL do it…much more than we think.  Establishing our ‘rightness’ is not necessarily done with any bad intent – but it truly is a chronic pain for most of us.  If being right could be a diagnosis for pain – it would be the number one diagnosis without a doubt!
Watch how others change when you stop having to say what you feel is right, that is in contradiction to what they say.
So – there you go – three things that will definitely stop your pain in the neck!  I do so much with my clients in Chronic Pain.  We use meditations, visualizations, NeuroLinguistic Programming, and hypnosis.  It truly is our mindset that sets the table for how much chronic pain we feel emotionally and physically.  Visit my website for my FREE healing recordings “Dial Down The Pain” and “Healing Sleep”.