3 Ways To Increase The Success Of Your Relationships

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Sacral Chakra - The Energy Center of Relationships

The energy avenue of our body is comprised of two areas: the Root Chakra and the Sacral Chakra, an area just below the naval. This is where the energy center of relationships resides.

We have seven energy centers in our body, or Seven Chakras. The "Sacral" Chakra is where the energy for creating relationships is sourced. This energy center has a direct connection with how our personal, work, intimate and social relationships are going.

The way we interpret other's feelings and how we communicate with others can be directly ruled by how that energy is flowing. Relationships seem sort of on the edge? You could need a little work on your "Sacral" Chakra. 

Here are 3 ways to get that Sacral energy flowing smoothly and increase it's strength:

Be Creative Believe it or not, starting a project that requires some creativity will open up the Sacral Chakra and strengthen your desire for connection with others. This could be on a social level or a more intimate level. A vision board would be a great example of opening up your creative juices and increasing the energy level in the Sacral Chakra!

Use Affirmations To Encourage The Increase Of Energy In This Chakra Affirmations could include "I am fired up!" or "I am healed," or "I easily and effortlessly allow creative energy to make a difference in my life!"

Let Go Of Any Old Stories What do I mean by that? Well, how many times do you enter into a conversation with someone anticipating the outcome before you even begin to speak? How often do you imagine what a family gathering will look like based on what has happened in the past? Letting go of these predictions can completely change the outcome. Begin to imagine the ideal way the conversation or event would go. Bring that harmonious energy with you—it will attract more of that same energy instead of what may have been there in the past. This is amazingly powerfu,l and I promise it does work!

Let me know how these techniques work. I work with my clients with these techniques and they do work. I can assist you on this journey to self-awareness, strengthening the energies in your chakras through meditations and visualizations. Check out my website at www.PainManagementCoach.com or call me for a free consultation at 815-408-1941

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