Communication Problems

Years in Practice

6-10 years


Seattle WA 98144 - United States



I Practice in

My state/province only

I Believe

For individuals and couples, I offer the opportunity for experiences in sensual and sexual awareness, empowerment and healing. These include verbal and hands-on coaching, physical experiences and skills in intimacy and communication.

~ Private sessions area for:

~ People who want to learn more about themselves

~ Those who want to find the relaxed, heartfelt sexuality that is their nature

~ People healing from past trauma, and partners who want to support them

~ People who want to tap into erotic energy as a creative force in their lives

~ Those who want a specific healing ritual

~ Partners who want to connect more deeply with each other

~ Those not in relationship who want to experience closeness in a safe and respectful context

~ People who want to learn more about their body's natural responses

~ Those who want to learn to make grounded decisions about sexual activity

About Betty Martin

I believe we are all inherently connected to each other, even when we don't realize it or feel it. It is our natural state, and I am committed to dispelling the fears and confusions that prevent us from acting on the basis of it. This includes our families, our communities and our world. I bring to this work my intuition, integrity, skill and wisdom, developed over many years of experience as a health care professional, peer counseling teacher, psychotherapy assistant and mom. I love this work! In my 26 years in health care, I learned to help patients make empowered choices for themselves. In my 20 years of peer counseling, I learned to listen deeply, and to trust our inherent creativity. Working with gender and liberation issues, I learned the depths of our gender conditioning, and the power of each of us to heal from it and reclaim our naturally loving hearts. Assisting at psychotherapy intensives, I learned the power of love and courage, along with skills in boundaries and personal accountability. Raising my children, I witnessed the sensual playfulness, curiosity and empowerment with which we are born, and can always re-claim. Again and again I have been inspired by our amazing resilience and brilliance. Along the way, I've gathered a few tools to help integrate body, mind, emotions, and spirit - Chiropractic, Somato-Respiratory Integration, Brain Gym, Neuro-Emotional Technique, Quantum Touch and Reiki. I've also enjoyed Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation, Inner Dialog, Continuum Movement, Liberation Theatre, meditation, personal and group ritual, fantasy play, and massage. I bring all my skills to every situation.

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