5 Signs Your Online Date Isn't That Into You

Online Dating Tips: How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

Totally digging on your date? Better make sure he feels the same way.

You've exchanged the initial flirtatious online messages. Told a few cute childhood stories, graduated to chatting online, then took it offline to mobile and sent a few texts after work. You like the guy, and you've finally set up a date and time to meet in person. So you break out your favorite dress. You show your roomie, landlord and even the taxi driver a photo of your suitor, just in case he decides to make you the subject of a Lifetime movie (hey, you can never be too careful). You tell the cabbie you'd like Brandi to play you in the movie version of your soon-to-be epic love story before arriving at the restaurant. It turns out to be a great meal with a great guy and, so far, sharp conversation. But is he as into you as you are to him? That's a pretty important detail. Here are five signs that indicate that the Magic 8 Ball answer is "very doubtful".

1. He comments on how "different" you look in person.
You're aiming for lovely, beautiful or stunning... anything but "different". This isn't just a guy who doesn't know how to give a compliment: It means you haven't met his physical expectations or standards. Not to worry, though! Maybe you can win him over with your personality. That is... if you want such a shallow guy.

2. He seems enthralled by the restaurant décor.
If he's looking everywhere around the restaurant except you, we may have a problem. If you can't get his undivided attention for an hour and a half then you can forget about a second date. Nobody cares that much about flatware and wallpaper.

3. He doesn't give you any.
...of his meal that is! Sharing food can be very intimate and if the meal is delicious, this really sets the mood. If he doesn't even offer you a hot french fry, that's just cold. 

4. He brings up his ex-girlfriend and/or other dates he has lined up.
Don't think he's being coy or playing hard to get. Guys don't do that on first dates—but they do throw out not-so-subtle hints, such as this one, that you shouldn't expect a text tomorrow. And hey: Any guy who brings up his ex on a first date with you is someone you definitely don't want to get to know better, anyway.

5. No sweet stuff.
If he wants to skip dessert at your restaurant and doesn't follow up with another suggestion, like, "Oh there's this great café around the corner where we can grab coffee," then it's game over.

Not every online date is going to be a perfect match—and that's OK. But it's best to know where you stand before you get too attached. Have fun and be receptive, but don't forget to watch for these tell-tale signs it's just not going to work out. Have you ever had a boring or bad online date? Leave a comment & dish all about it!

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