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Choosing a dating coach.

Life in Chicago is exciting, isn't it? With so many options, your only decision is what to do next! From shopping along the Magnificent Mile to museum hopping from Field, Shedd, Adler to the Art Institute to wandering through Millennium Park, catching a ballgame, or eating and drinking your way through top-rated resturants and night life spots, Chicago has it all.  With so many fun things out your front door, wouldn't you double your fun with someone special to enjoy them with?  If you haven't found Mr. or Ms. Right yet even Chicago as your backdrop, you should consider investing in your future by securing a life coach.

Why do single people in Chicago need a life coach? Finding a life partner to share experiences with is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make.  The life partner you choose affects everything in your life-your emotional state, children, finances, home, and sex life-as well as the quality of your life overall.

Hiring a dating coach is the best investment in time and money you can make to help you achieve relationship success.  When you accept and recognize that dating is a skill-that you may or may not have fine tuned-you can develop it properly to better understand compatibility in a relationship and what leads to relationship success.

Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, continuously worked on improving his skills.  For this, he relied on his coach to make sure he still had the edge.  Like a good sports coach, a good dating coach will share his or her knowledge, support, and feedback so you can reach your goals-and find your best relationship yet.

A dating coach will help you clarify:

  • What you are looking for in a life partner.
  • Why what you are looking for is important to you.
  • What your needs and requirements are in a relationship.
  • Where to look for your true love.

By working with your dating coach, you will be able to increase your awareness of the connection between your choices and the consequences those choices generate.  As you engage in the co-creative process, you and your coach will identify your values, blind spots, and where you are stuck so that together you can develop an action plan to get the results you want.

Hiring your dating coach is no different than hiring any other professional.  You will want to look for three things in a dating coach: coaching credentials, experience, and compatibility.

Credentials: Not all people who call themselves dating coaches are certified by an accredited professional school.  Certification is very important, because it shows that the coach has the proper skill proficiency, conduct standards, and foundation of training that is only taught in qualified schools. Be sure your potential coach has the appropriate credentials.

Experience: Personal life experiences can make your coach better able to relate to your circumstances, while client experience can demonstrate achievable results.  Find a coach whose experiences match yours or one who can relate to your without actually have lived them.

Compatibility:  You want to find a coach who is a good match for you and one who makes you feel comfortable.  Speak directly with your potential coach and ask for a sample session to answer questions and concerns to see how you are able to interact with him or her.

Now that you understand the importance of a life coach and how to choose one, your new life is just a click or phone call away.

As an experienced Board Certified Coach and Dating Expert, I can get you where you want to be.  We will work together to achieve your relationship goals by finding a love that lasts.

Betty Russell, CC, BCC

Dating Expert and Coach