3 Ways To Enjoy The Holidays Without Financial Worry

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Remember to enjoy the holidays rather than worry about your financial woes.

If you're like the vast majority of families, your finances have gone through the ringer this year. Maybe you've changed jobs, or are still looking for one. Maybe you've lost your retirement funds and are trying to figure out how you'll make it through the next year. 5 Ways To Make Your Marriage More Important Than Money

Maybe you're still doing okay but worry that the hard times are coming for you, too. Whatever your financial situation, we encourage you to spend the last two weeks of the year thinking about anything but your money. That's right, the Money Couple just told you not to think about money.

We recognize that it's not easy to stop thinking about your finances during what is often the most expensive season of the year. But spending energy talking about money right now will only take away from what should be a peaceful, joyful time filled with family and friends.

Here's how to let go of the stress and enjoy your holidays:

1. Don't worry about the bills. Whatever you've spent has been spent. While that's not an excuse to go overboard for the rest of the holiday season, let yourself enjoy giving gifts and making memories with those you love. The bills aren't going anywhere — they'll be there in January.

2. Don't berate your spouse. If you're a Saver, be gracious about gifts you receive and don't ask how much they cost. Do your best to appreciate the thought and care that went into them. If you're a Spender, stop shopping and spend time with your loved ones. Find contentment in the people around you, not the things you've purchased. 10 Ways To Have A Loving Holiday Season

And most of all, try not to suck the joy out of the holidays by talking about, worrying about, or arguing about money. This is the time of year to be thankful for all the goodness in your life, most of which has nothing to do with your bank account.

3. Don't have a Money Huddle. Hopefully, you and your partner have developed a good habit of regular communication about your money over the past year. But if you've got a Money Huddle scheduled for the last two weeks of December, we say cancel it. Instead, use that time to hang out with your kids, go for a long walk, have a snowball fight, or just sit by a fire and reminisce about the year.

No matter how deep your debt or how tight your budget, this is the season to celebrate everything that really matters. So, give yourselves a break and put money worries aside. You'll make your holidays a whole lot happier.

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