Table For One: Becoming Your Own Beloved


“For beautiful eyes look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”
~ Audrey Hepburn

When I read the above quote I reflected on many of my clients who feel deeply isolated and lonely during this season of love. After the death, divorce or break up with a significant other, it is easy to look at your life and feel very alone. However, if we break down what love truly is, we can begin to look at our life from a perspective of abundance and easily see the love that is all around us and available to each of us always.

Romantic love is very important and for anyone reading this, if you do not have a romantic partner but desire one, I know that cultivating more love within yourself is the way to attract that into your life. All energy attracts itself, so simply put; love attracts love. If we want more of it, we must appreciate the love we have already. Even if you do have a special relationship, it is vital that you continue to cultivate your “love garden” within in order for the romantic love to remain healthy and vibrant.

Some of you may be wondering how to do this and there are many ways but I would like to offer a few easy suggestions to get you started in your garden.

1 – Take a piece of paper and list all the people in your life who you love, enjoy to share
time with and appreciate. I will bet there is more then you had expected. When you look
at this list, think of each person as a petal on the flower that is your life. Even though
a romantic partner may be one petal, there are many needed to make a flower full and
beautiful. Make a commitment to reach out and schedule time with a few of your loved
ones that you have not seen or spoken to. Your empty schedule will fill up before you
know it.

2 – Just for a day, make a conscious effort to smile and share love with strangers you
interact with. Even these small, random acts of kindness can be life changing. You never
know whose day you will have brightened. These feel good gestures also fill us up in
return. Remember ~ Love attracts love, so give it away, it will always return.

3 -Have you unearthed your passions? Are you actively cultivating hobbies and interests
that fill you with excitement? If not why? Today take one small dream, write it down and
set a time frame to make it a reality.

4- Is there a favorite restaurant you have really wanted to try but no one has interest to go with you? Make a reservation for a “Table for One”. Get dressed up and treat yourself to a fabulous meal. No tablets or phones…perhaps a good book that inspires you to dream. This can be difficult at first but you will find dining alone can be quite nice. You do not have to make any compromises and you get a chance to really savor your meal.

5 – Pick one person you have been unwilling to forgive and in your mind begin working
on the process of forgiveness. If you are stuck seek help. When we let go of bitterness it
opens us up for love to fill its place.

This Valentine’s Day& beyond. Let’s share those smiles more freely, listen more intently
and release the negative thoughts that hold us back from receiving great, big love in all its forms.

Beth Tiger is the author of Rising from the Ashes of Divorce. She is a Life and Love Coach. She offers a variety of workshops and seminars meant to inspire individuals to love well and heal from their past. For more information on her upcoming classes as well as her practice visit