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About Ben Cohen

I am passionate about helping individuals and couples have deeply satisfying lives and relationships.  If you are a couple and are struggling to resolve longstanding conflict, or simply want to have a better relationship, I am here to help.  If you are single, and want to have more success in relationships, or seek to improve your self-esteem, resolve anxiety or depression, or find greater life purpose, I am also here to help.

I am a licensed psychologist, and Certified Imago Relationship Therapist.  I have specialized in working with couples and relationship issues for nearly 20 years.  My primary approach is "Imago", which I find to be an extremely effective method. Couples will learn to communicate effectively, understand and resolve conflict, and deepen their sense of intimacy and connection. Singles will learn to understand their patterns of relationship, how to attract healthy partners, and the stages to develop a satisfying committed relationship.  

If you are a therapist, I offer certification training in Imago Relationship Therapy in various locations.  Please see my web-site below, for further information.

Finally, I am also trained in various experiential approaches to help individuals have better relationships with themselves. You will learn to be more "Self led", and less at the mercy of destructive emotions and habits. I also draw on "Mindfulness" methods to work with anxiety, depression, and other concerns.

I would be happy to speak with you further about working together, and you can find more information about my work, including the "Getting The Love You Want" Couples Workshops at my web-site, www.relationshipgrowthcenter.com

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