What is Your Reason For Losing Weight?

What is Your Reason For Losing Weight?

You'd probably have a quick answer to the question above. But will that be your motivational reason?

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, the most effective combination is an inspired inner drive to do well and a personalized program that you co-create with your health coach.

The first part is, well, very much up to the individual. The second part is a matter of strategy and applied learning, a bit of trial and error on the rocky road to success. Your personalized program may involve any number of creative solutions until your routine feels just right, and that is a normal part of the process!

So where and when does the inspiration click in? We all know the feeling of having tried and failed to the point of not wanting to try again. Putting it off seems easier than yet another struggle at the gym. But maybe it is worth a try to review your real reasons for weight loss. How is that done?

In Michael Pantalon’s book, Instant Influence, he shares a suggestion that seems deceivingly simple but actually does work. Take a pen and pencil and start out by answering this statement:

Why I Want to Lose Weight.

When you are done, and this is best done in writing, take the answer to the first question and ask yourself again, why (reason 1). When you are done with that, take the reason stated in question 2 and ask again, why do I want that (reason 2).  Ask the why question FIVE times.  When you have gotten to the fifth ‘why,’ you’ll be quite surprised at what you are discovering!

Imagine you are peeling back the layers of an onion and each time you are getting closer to deep values you hold, deep dreams that are so much more important that the next cupcake.

We often forget about these universal needs and desires and are floating with our thoughts on the surface, getting by with the day to day demands of ordinary life.  Reaching your innermost core is an ah-ha experience that can boost you into action quicker than you ever imagined! At the very least, the exercise won’t take too long if you are completely honest and ready to meet the real you.

To discover more about this technique and the power of appreciative questions, feel free to read the entire book. When you are ready, take the BodyVision Survey http://bodyvisionhealthcoaching.com/survey/ to discover the best next steps to take in personal health.

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