What Is A Health Coach? Your Q&As Answered


Health Coaching is about taking the driver's seat in personal health. The Q&A's show how it works.

What is a Health Coach? What do Health Coaches do? What can I expect from hiring a Health Coach?

With all the options in health and wellness, with corporations and insurance companies becoming aware of the importance of behavioral health, these FAQs help describe the important function that is filled by hiring a coach for sustainable behavior change in health. Got more questions? As us HERE and we’ll respond right away.

(1) I’ve tried diets and nothing seems right for me - why is working with a health coach any different?

What you’ve probably found is that the diet programs you’ve seen are requiring you to adapt your lifestyle to the diet. You try it out for a while, and when obstacles come up, as they inevitably do, the risk of giving up is very high – at 91% to be exact. When you work with a Health Coach, you and your Health Coach design your unique healthy habits program from the ground up – one that is enjoyable, empowering and lasting. One that is based on your own motivation to be well.  You have a mentor and a guide by your side.

(2) What is it like to work one on one with a coach?

Coaching sessions are commonly held by phone, 3-4 meetings per month over a minimum 3 month period. Tools are commonly given in between sessions to support your progress. There are 3 steps to the Mind, Body, and Self-Care Transformational System which will teach you how to take one empowering step at a time to your goals.

(3) Why should I use a Health Coach rather than a diet book, website, app, or program?

In the end, the best program is the one that works for you. A Health Coach is a mentor and guide who provides valuable personal, practical, and emotional support. Your coach personalizes your program, something that most books and programs can’t do by virtue of their nature. Habits take a while to form and take a while to change as well! An experienced Health Coach walks the path with you, by your side.
Your Health Coach is experienced to help you arrange your long term success and maneuver through many aspects of wellness such as supermarket smarts, eating out, appropriate goal setting, overcoming obstacles and setbacks, setting healthy boundaries, the real story behind exercise, and so much more.
If you are thinking about trying to make change in your life, you chances of success are rather low, under 10%. If you have selected a plan, a schedule, and a professional accountability partner, your chances of success are raised to 90%!

(4) How do I know who is a good Health Coach?

There are many well-trained Health Coaches to choose from. In general, it’s recommended to review his/her certifications, years in coaching, life experience in general, testimonials, breadth of experience, and additional specialties that may interest you. Many coaches hold additional certifications in related fields.

(5) Is my Heath Coach going to tell me what to do, even if I don’t want to?

No, not at all. Goals are specific to the individual program and allow the client to maintain control at all times. The client chooses the goals, receives support, experiences success, and in this process increases knowledge and self-esteem over time. What begin as goals transform into automatic habits, and the client is then empowered to take further steps.

(6) How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Most all health coaches offer a complimentary discovery call! I'd love to hear from you to answer any of your Q&As. Just click HERE to get started to get crystal clear on how you can improve your life in a meaningful way starting right now.

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