5 Last-Minute Ways To Look & Feel Beautiful

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... just in time for Valentines Day!

With Valentines Day quickly approaching, you might think it is too late to lose those pounds or get in shape for your special date. But is it too late to look fabulous and attractive? Of course not. These tips will have you feeling and looking much better within a few days.

1. Stretch. Take a moment in the morning to stretch your arms and chest, roll your shoulders to relax them, arch your back and roll your head around slowly to stretch your neck muscles. If you are alone, stretch your face and jaw by making very silly expressions from yawning to pouting and grimacing. Be gentle in your movements and stretch in as many ways you know how. Take several deep breaths. Your whole aura will improve.

2. Get a good night's sleep. Make it a point to get caught up on your sleep. The benefits of getting a good night's rest are endless. Your body will recover and you will feel much more attractive.

3. Put down the gadgets. The next time you are in a bus station, train station, airport, restaurant or any public place look at the amount of people texting. This posture, head hanging low and shoulders slumped, gives off the vibe that you are unapproachable. Grace Kelly would be turning over in her grave. Instead, push your shoulders back, look alert, check out your surroundings. It's a much more attractive posture.

4. Get some fresh air. Take a long walk outside, even if it is cold. As you breathe deeply you release toxins from your body which can help put you in a good mood and give you a lovely rosy glow. This healthy glow shows that you are someone who is naturally beautiful and naturally healthy.

5. Eat natural foods. Eating a lot of excess meat, processed foods, foods low in nutritional value and not drinking enough water can leave you feeling drained. Treat yourself to a few days of whole, unprocessed foods and drink plenty of water. You might like the results so much that you will carry on this new habit past Valentines Day.

These tips are ones you can do anywhere and can give you that extra sparkle when you need it. You can do a lot of little things that lets the world know you are ready for love.

Find out more great tips by downloading our free eWorkbook, 8 Weeks to Wellness, and scheduling your complimentary Discovery Session. Happy Valentines Day!

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