Study: Diabetes Linked To Sexual Dysfunction In Women

Study: Diabetes Linked To Sexual Dysfunction In Women [EXPERT]

3 tips to improve your health ... and your sex life!

A recent report revealed that "women with diabetes are at risk for sexual problems as a result of their condition. One study showed that approximately 18 percent of women with type one diabetes and 42 percent of women with type two diabetes have some degree of sexual dysfunction. Another study indicated that as many as 64 percent of menopausal women with type two diabetes have sexual problems, while approximately 41 percent of pre-menopausal women with type two diabetes have sexual issues."

The main complaints cited were the lack of arousal in general and increased discomfort when having sex. In addition, it was noted that women were less likely to discuss these issues with their physician. When feeling out-of-sorts and out-of-touch with one's body, a partner or a doctor, what can be done to fix the issue?

Your physician and the American Diabetes Association at can help you by answering many of your questions. Online communities provide additional support with others who are facing the same issues. A couple of internet searches will yield vast amounts of good information for you as well as maintaining your confidentiality. Are You An Emotional Eater? 7 Ways To Tell

You probably already know that it is recommended to maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly, keep your blood sugar levels within range and eat a wholesome diet. Incorporating healthy lifestyle habits, even if they are very small at first, will help your body to function better in everything that you do.

So instead of feeling worried, sluggish or unattractive, make it your goal to adopt a new habit or two. Work in harmony with your body to feel stimulated and alive, however you can work it into your schedule. To get started, download this free eWorkbook to find out how to design your own healthy habits program. You Are What You Eat! 6 Libido Boosting Foods To Fuel Your Sexy

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