Flu Season: When The Nurturer Needs Nurturing

sick young woman tissue
Love, Self

Six tips for when the caretaker in the relationship needs to be cared for.

4. Let your partner make decisions. You may feel that his way of doing homework with the kids or the bachelor-style of managing the kitchen or forgetting the dog's special food is not at all acceptable. Let him proceed anyway. Most everyone understands both you and your partner better than you think (including the kids and the dog). Everything and everyone will adapt just fine.

5. Don't feel guilty. If you are feeling ill, resist the temptation to feel blue. If you feel guilty for not being able to perform your daily tasks, for making others bend to adapt to you (for a change), for not being cheery and sexy, then you have an unhealthy relationship with your supportive environment. Most people love to give and help out, just the way you do. Take some time to be on the receiving end of things, even if it's an uncommon feeling.

6. Express gratitude. Everyone likes to be appreciated. The more you thank your man for nurturing you through your flu and the more you support him, the more he'll enjoy the nurturing role. Let him know how you'll look forward to a romantic dinner for two when you are back on your feet again. He'll have a new appreciation for you as well, having caught a glimpse of what life is like without you.

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