Are You Afraid Of Reaching Your Weight Loss Goal?


Clearing self-sabotage is the first step on your path to self-improvement.

All the talk is about weight loss, and for good reason! Sedentary, overweight and obese lifestyles are of great concern. It is a matter of personal health, the country’s financial health, and the health of our planet. Not everyone who has excess weight is actively looking to do something about it. But for those of us who are, quite a few find it hard to go all the way to becoming one’s best self!

We're familiar with the image of the happy, successful dieter (who magically finds it easy to maintain his/her new weight). We start our diet and exercise program with the same goals in mind.

But there is another side to this, which resides in us as the inner critic, the inner voice. The overweight self has become the normal, the comfort zone, if you will. Leaving that comfort zone creates havoc in our minds, even though you’d argue that having a healthy weight is the comfort zone.

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

  • I don’t want to have to be hungry all the time.
  • I won’t be any fun with my friends. I won’t have any fun.
  • I’ll be doing things I don’t like to do every day (exercise, cooking, etc.)
  • What if I reach my weight goals and I still don’t have what I really want? (love in my life, a new job, self-acceptance, pride, etc.).
  • How can I go out and buy all new clothing?
  • What if I have no more excuses for not having what I want?
  • I don’t know what it is like to feel pretty and hang out with that crowd.
  • It will all be too much upkeep.
  • I’ll have to face up to others and stand up for what I really want, even though they don’t believe in me.
  • I’ll always be a failure, it is no use to try.
  • What if I am disappointed, or others are unsupportive?

If you find that some of these phrases are familiar to you, or are hiding just beneath the surface, the first thing to do is to understand that this is not a bad thing, it is actually perfectly normal! The inner voice grips you in fear of the unknown, in fear of something new. It actually quite handy, if you think about how you’d probably not put your hand into the fire a second time, venture into a dark cave, or step off a big cliff.

The ego (those nagging voices) has an important purpose in your life to keep you safe. The ego only knows the past and has a very hard time imagining the ideal future as really working out. That is why we as coaches look to past successes as a great starting point to uncover innate strengths! If you feel you are squeamish when really thinking about being ‘my best self,’ remember that these limiting beliefs are, well, just that : limiting beliefs. Nothing else.

You’ll be the very same person you are now without the extra weight. You will find support from new or old sources. You will have ups and downs as you’ve had before. You will have inner voices to manage, as you might manage unruly toddlers that you love so very much, as they run around the dinner table wreaking happy havoc. Being your best self is something you want to stand for, not because it will ‘get’ you something in particular. It is nothing to be afraid of! You’ll be a role model and the wonderful person you were all along. Taking baby steps towards your best self is a great way to keep those negative voices calm and quiet.

Write to us about what your inner critic is telling you. We’ll create blogposts and videos to tackle these, one at a time. Take advantage of your free Discovery Session with Tatiana and reinforce your ability to create balance in your mind, and in your life.

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