I Believe in Marriage


I see how my marriage has been a key to my happiness and it is a joy to help others embark on this journey too. One of the reasons I chose to be ordained as a non-denominational minister 4 years ago was that I wanted to perform marriage ceremonies. I was raised in the Methodist Christian tradition, but wanted to provide ceremonies that honored the spirituality of both individuals coming into the marriage.

I also wanted to serve couples who for whatever reason did not feel comfortable in a church or who desired an alternative wedding location.

While I will readily admit that every marriage, including mine, has hit a few rough patches, it is the shared life experience with someone I truly love, respect and trust that makes my days happy and my nights so peaceful. Our kids are now both in college and as a couple, my husband and I are having great fun reclaiming our home and our freedom as empty nesters.

A great marriage is a gift. I think everyone deserves a loving, supportive and passionate partnership.. If you are already married, you can make it happen. If you are looking for the right partner, getting clear about loving yourself is the way to attract it.