The 3 Myths That Sabotage Your Quest For Love


Discover why extraordinary love has been elusive....

Do you know the biggest mistake that’s keeping you from finding true love?

The truth is, you are doing things that may actually be keeping love from you.

This is a VERY common mistake that singles make—intelligent, successful, good looking people make—your dream partner can’t find you because you are actually doing things to repel your dreams.


And you don’t even know it!

You are looking for love to last a lifetime but you are dating blindly—without tools for success. Many of the strategies you use and places you are going to find love just aren’t working. Sound familiar?

You don’t have a guidebook teaching you how to find Mr. or Ms. Right and I am here to change that for you.

I know you are committed to finding true love and partnership. You want to present your best self and I am here to transform your dating life, so you can find the love you deserve.

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Bari Lyman

Your Coach For Extraordinary Lifetime Love