What Are We Teaching Our Daughter's About Their Bodies?

What Are We Teaching Our Daughter's About Their Bodies?
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A British mom urging her teenage daughter to get breast implants: say it isn't so.

Oh no, just when I thought that I had heard and seen it all I am made painfully aware that I haven't. A British mother named Chantal Marshall is apparently perplexed that one of her five daughters is currently not in favor of getting breast implants. Apparently her four other daughter have conceded but 14 year old Britney is not in favor and the mother is bewildered. The youngest daughter of the clan would like to focus on her studies at this point rather than on her cleavage. This youngest daughter of the family may be breaking with family tradition and yes it may cause a rift.

Now, I have addressed issues of when teens should get cell phones and even wear makeup but refusal to get breast implants is now also a problem. Let me say this. This mother needs to take a good hard look at herself and not just at the family breasts. What is she teaching these girls about their health and bodies? She, who is in such an influential position in her daughters' lives may need to get a little perspective herself. I agree that she should be concerned about her daughter's self-esteem but perhaps in a different manner. I would think that these large breasts might interfere with their being able to focus on other activities such as sports, healthy work-outs,and developing natural and less expensive and dangerous methods of making themselves feel good.

Perhaps playing tennis or a getting a manicure might fill a similar need. I am concerned that this mom has raised the bar and the breasts so high in her family that her daughters will lose perspective on the smaller things in life that might make them happy. As you can surely tell I am not a proponent of unnecessary plastic surgery in teen girls. Remember,also, that surgery is fraught with risks and cannot be undone by using nail polish remover or a washcloth.

Your thoughts?