New Study Finds 5 Shocking Teen Sex Trends

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A survey by the CDC indicates that teens are putting themselves at risk for STDs.

This just in. According to a new survey by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) more teens are using condoms these days. The new survey,which was just released, reports that 60% of sexually active teens report using a condom. Although, we would prefer this number to be much higher, it reflects a 14% increase compared to statistics collected over a 20 year period. The bad news is that the number is lower than the high of 63% of sexually active teens who used condoms in 2003.

The second finding is equally informative. The data revealed that 50% of teens are sexually active. The third finding is that teens start having sex on average at the age of 16. Another important finding is that more young people are putting off having sex.

What we must take away from these findings is that too many of our teens are putting themselves at risk for STDs. And, this is a very serious matter. We may be talking about life and death issues here. My best suggestion is that we insist that our kids receive safe sex education in school and at home. Withholding information may,in fact, play a part in creating tragedy in the lives of some of our teens. Sadly, the final finding of this survey underscores this point with the finding that 40% of new HIV infections occur in individuals UNDER the age of 30. 

This article was originally published at Dr. Barbara Greenberg. Reprinted with permission from the author.