You Can Always Add a Blessing to Someone’s Life

You Can Always Add a Blessing to Someone’s Life

Once a poor man was refreshed by a wonderful tree. He was hungry and ate a juicy apple from the tree.  Now he was tired and the tree helped keep him cool as he slept. When he woke up, he spoke to the tree. "I want to repay you in some way for helping me. But I have nothing! What can I do?"  He thought for a moment and an idea floated into his mind. "I could give you a blessing! But you don’t need long life, you couldn’t be this big without having lived many, many years already. I can’t bless you with juicy ripe fruit, as you have an abundance of that already. Wait, I have it. I bless you that all the seeds from you will find homes in the rich soil and grow into wonderful trees, just as splendid as you are!"

And so the man went on his way, feeling satisfied and happy. As he looked back he saw the tree gently waving to him and all was good!

Yes, there is a recipe for enchantment in the above story. The recipe is simply to bless others, perhaps to thank them, perhaps just to warm their hearts. Your words can give hope and encouragement.  You don’t formally need to use the word blessing to do just that! For instance: ‘May you do well on your job interviews!’ ‘May you get a good report from the doctor.’ ‘Have a great vacation and come back refreshed.’ ‘I’m looking forward to a great report on your dinner party. Your food always tastes so good.’

For this recipe to really simmer all month, keep stirring the pot by adding in one new blessing a day! A blessing gets to be added in once you have said it to someone.

May your pot fill to the top with good feelings, warmth and delight! Take full servings often as you can easily fill the pot back up–you know the SECRET (blessings).

The story was loosely adapted from a tale, Say Thank You With A Blessing. p. 103, from the book, The Bird of Paradise and Other Sabbath Stories by Steven M. Rosman, UAHC Press, New York, New York.

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