Looking for Small Miracles

Looking for Small Miracles

One of the ways to be blessed with Happiness is to find the small miracles that surround us on a daily basis.  Some of these miracles we just take for granted, like life itself.  But we can practice becoming more consciously aware of the events that are part of our lives that certainly have a feeling of a miracle attached to them.  For example, I was just reading in an e-mail about a Professor, Bernard Glick, who is interested in the study of Pirates.  He has studied and lectured about Jean Lafitte, who was a Jewish pirate.  He became a pirate after he was expelled with Spain in 1492.  Here’s the miracle:  Dr. Glick was sitting on a plane thinking about Jean Lafitte and whether he should talk about him at an upcoming lecture he was giving.   A man sat next to him and after much sharing of conversation, including interests and professions, it turned out the the other man was a proud descendent of the pirate.  Dr. Glick said,  "I was flabbergaset, not so much by the saga of Jean Lafitte as retold by a proud descendant, but by the fact that the two of us had met so coincidentally in the skies of Georgia. Melvyn Lafitte lives in Georgia and I live in Portland, Oregon.  These cities are 5,377 miles apart.

This is a wonderful example of a miracle taking place.  How delightful for both men and how inspiring for all of us.  Here’s my Recipe for Happiness:

This week look for amazing coincidences in your life.  Perhaps as small as thinking about someone and the phone rings and it is that person.  Write to me on the blog and tell me what your discover.  I’m sure you will have at least one interesting occurrence to report.  Happy sleuthing!

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This article was originally published at Enchanted Self. Reprinted with permission from the author.