Do You Feel Stuck Or Pressured To Follow In Someone's Footsteps?


Wow, we just had snowstorm in April!  Deciding to enjoy the beauty instead griping about it,  I went for a walk in the open space behind my house.  I was mesmerized by the brilliant sparkle of sunlight as the snowflakes glistened.  It reminded me that no one snowflake is exactly the same.  How amazing is that?!  In 2 feet of snow, not one of them alike!  It made think about how not one soul on this earth is the same either.  Each and every one of us are unique.  But sometimes it feels like we just blend into the landscape and there’s nothing really special about us.  It takes all of us to make a beautiful blanket for this earth!

As I continued to walk I noticed a path of footsteps.   Because it was so deep I decided to walk in those footsteps thinking it would be an easier trek.  I found it was much more difficult because the footsteps didn’t match mine.  It made it hard to keep my balance and maintain a continuous stride.  When I made my own path, it became much easier. Whose footsteps are throwing you off balance?

Too many times it's easy to get caught up in thinking we should do what others think is best for us or stuck in the mindset that there's a "right way".  If we try to navigate other's paths , do what we think is expected, it feels awkward and inauthentic.   Because it is!  Trust your own instincts and follow the direction that feels right.  That's the only way to your true path and inner contentment.

As I walked further out to get away from the highway noise, in the distance there was father and son playing in the snow.  The child was laughing and making snow angels.  They were having so much fun.  I could hear the laughter and screams of silly abandon.   It transported me back to childhood.   I thought, how nice to be a kid!  They aren't  preoccupied with what others think.  They are uninhibited because they've yet to be influenced by the "shoulds".  They are free to be themselves!  As adults we are too when we detach from others opinions.  Don't let someone undermine your confidence and cloud your dreams.

Just as I reached my deck the the sun was setting. Recently I had been retooling my business and felt stuck.  I realized I felt that way because I was caught up in comparing myself to others in my field.  I had been judging and measuring myself by someone else's standard, not my own.  I was stifling my creativity and self-trust with thoughts of "this is the way I need to do it".  Standing there, I felt re-energized.  My short walk had reminded me to carve my own path and trust my own step.  To approach life with the uninhibited child within.  To remember I am unique and add to the the landscape of the world in my own way.  

Are you getting stuck in the rut of somebody else's footsteps?  Have you forgotten there’s absolutely no one exactly like you?   Do you feel bogged down by the “shoulds” and let the uninhibited child within you become stifled?  Are you letting outside noise distract your focus of what’s important to YOU?  We can learn from others but to truly feel fulfilled you need to step up and step out as you!

You are unique. Let that resonate within your soul!  Move forward trusting your own steps.  Let your intuition be your guide.  Remember something you loved to do as a kid and ignite your childlike passion within. Be who you want to be.  Be proud of who you are.  Remember that like the snowflakes you are unique, special and add beauty to this world! Allow your passion to lead the way.  Give yourself the gift of joy!

We can get stuck in our own heads and stop ourselves from creating the life we want to lead and being who we are.   If you feel stuck or frustrated in an area of your life, click here to discover simple but powerful tools to stand in your power and set yourself free!

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