Set Yourself Free From Perfectionism With One Simple Phrase


We live in a such competitive society.  There is so much pressure to do it right, be perfect, stand out or be the best at what you do.  Perfectionism is not a standard. It's an obstacle.  It's a mask for procrastination.  We tell ourselves it's an attempt to be our best but it's really disguised fear. The fear of making a mistake, looking bad, being criticized or failing.  I'm all about being your best self and doing a good job but come on!  Give yourself a break, be compassionate, lighten up!  Perfectionism can kill your self-esteem and immobilize you.

"You're doing the best you can with what you know right now.!" Integrating that simple statement into your internal dialog will release you to move forward, take action and release the hounds!

When I started my business I lost revenue because perfectionism was riding shotgun in my head.  I kept redoing my programs, website and speech.  I wasted time and didn't pull the trigger because I kept finding fault instead of trusting what I knew at the time.  That voice inside held me back and cost me time, money and sanity!

Some great advice I got from a business coach was: " Execute and adjust.  Just put it out there and improve as you go." Some of the worst advice I've gotten was from a very expensive coach who said "You need to be absolutely amazing and the best at what you do".  Wow, that's was a show stopper.  I started comparing myself  to everyone in my field. Instead of focusing on my strengths and feeling confident, I got stuck in self-judgment.

What are you not pulling the trigger on because you keep hovering over it like a overprotective mother?  Didn't it bug you when you were a kid if your mom did that?  What kind of over blown expectations are holding you back?  What are you wasting valuable time going over and over, rethinking or retooling? Maybe it's changing careers, going for a promotion, launching a business, speaking in public or rolling out new products.

Assure yourself  "I'm doing the best I can with what I know right now".   It is true right?  What more can you expect?  Seriously, all you can do is the best you know at the time.  And that's enough!  Set yourself free to be productive!  Give yourself permission to grow, improve, make mistakes and do it!

  • Perceive mistakes as fine tuning opportunities - They are!
  • Don't get caught up in comparing yourself - No two people are the same.
  • There's no right or wrong way to do something -  If you follow the norm you won't discover your niche.
  • Block out the 'what if's' - There's no way of knowing what will happen until you do it.
  • Focus on what's good - Quit finding fault in what you think could be better and focus on what's already great about it (or you!)

Set yourself free from perfectionism with one simple powerful phrase!  When you hear that little voice inside your head say "It's not good enough, you're not good enough or prepared enough"  Tell that voice "I'm doing the best I can with what I know right now!"  Then feel the pressure lift and the satisfaction of accomplishment when you move forward.


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This article was originally published at yourinnerzone. Reprinted with permission from the author.