Taking Imperfect Action is Better Than Taking No Action At All


There have been many times in my life that I have operated from the belief that no matter what it was I wanted to do or put out into the world, it had to be perfect before I could ever share it.  I wasn’t going to launch my website, write any articles or hold a teleseminar until I was already well established in my field.  I would sit and fantasize about the “someday” when I could do what I loved, and what things would look like when… But then I had that big “ah-ha” moment.  My perfectionism was paralyzing me from living my calling and my dream and I had to ask myself that pressing question, “If not now, when?”


I knew that if I waited for whatever it was I was working on to be perfect then I would never actually complete it.  I had to get out of my own way and just do it.  You see, perfection is a word that goes against the action of implementation and allows us to procrastinate instead of allowing ourselves to be in motion and be part of the momentum of life living itself.  And perfectionism has a payoff.  It means I never have to put myself out there for fear of judgment from others or even from fear of success. 


To be honest, perfection isn’t even a word that should be in our vocabulary. It implies the unachievable.  There is a certain kind of tension between the opposites when it comes to this word because nothing will ever be perfect and yet everything is perfect just the way it is. The ideal way is accepting and appreciating things exactly as they are.


The beauty in taking imperfect action is it allows us to be on the journey of becoming instead of seeing a destination point that is far from our reach today. To apply imperfect action immediately brings us one step closer to that destination by just being and doing.


Here’s a great quote that compliments this idea using human relationships as the example:


“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” ~Sam Keen


And so it is with everything in life.


If you find yourself challenged with overcoming perfection, let me share a few suggestions to get you moving forward:


Imperfect Action is Better than No Action

Taking imperfect action propels us into the next step of our life, it allows for things to move forward, to gain momentum and it allows us to be present and active in the creative process.  So don’t wait for the perfect idea, the perfect time, the perfect person or the perfect scenario, just do it, get it out there knowing that anything you do can be improved on or tweaked at a later time if necessary. If you don’t put something out there first, then nothing will happen.


“Done is Better than Perfect” ~Scott Allen

Remember that life is happening all the time, it does not stop, it is constantly evolving and changing. Share the passion of who you are and what you do and people will feel that and appreciate your efforts and your courage. See what happens by putting it out there, try something out and let it be an ongoing part of the process and not the end of it. 


Confidence is Built by Taking a Step at a Time, Even an Imperfect One

Like anything else, confidence is built one step at a time.  By taking action in any form, we are taking steps towards our fullest life, our dreams and our future.  You will be surprised at how much stronger and more confident you will feel in yourself just by taking action steps, even imperfect ones.


Celebrate Your Successes

In an effort to make things perfect, we forget to celebrate the little things that we accomplish. Instead of focusing on what things didn’t work, bring your focus to the things that did work and feel good about those things.  Celebrate every single success with enthusiasm!


Are you Ready to Take the Next Step?

If you're a perfectionist and have something you have been putting off doing or creating, then I encourage you to make a decision to get it done, now, and then share your story with me here on my blog to inspire others to do the same! 


I believe in you!  Now just do it!