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The Benefits of Tending to Our Dreams


At the age of 15, I journaled my first dream, and ever since then, dreams have become a love and passion in my life. Over the years of doing dreamwork, I have learned why it is so important for us to tend to and listen to our dreams, and to make them a part of our daily experience. Below are some of these reasons…

• Tending to our dreams has the ability to save us time in our growth and conscious development. There is a wisdom in dreams that assists us, when we allow it, in identifying areas of ourselves that are calling for attention. We are able to get to the core of an issue at a heightened rate of speed as the images themselves hold the homeopathic medicine necessary for healing regardless of whether that healing is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

• The ego longs to understand, analyze, and logically explain a dream image, whereas the psyche and soul are curious and receptive by nature, and long to relate to and with the living images. As we meet the dream images on their own behalf, something shifts. We begin to develop relationship with the images, developing a respect for their presentation.

• As we hold the vision and intention of who we are becoming, dreams assist in keeping us on path, nudging us back on course each and every day so that mindfully, we move towards that intention.

• It is our responsibility to set up communication with our unconscious, to develop an intentional relationship with it so that we may work in conjunction with each other. A wonderful way to do this is through dreamwork. The reason this is so important is because if we do not “meet” the unconscious, if we do not develop a relationship with that part of ourselves that is so often at work in ways we are not even aware of, it can begin to appear in ways that are distorted. Nightmares are an excellent example of this vibrational discord. One of the quickest ways to see where we are out of alignment to that which we are wanting to create is to tend to our dreams, for they will almost immediately show us the areas in which attention is required to align with our highest self.

As your Life Coach, I companion dreamwork with Coaching allowing us the ability to create an even richer, deeper experience. Anytime that we make a conscious choice to connect with our higher selves, we are supported by the dreamtime which will offer guidance and suggestions along the way.


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