Introduction to Tantra

Love, Sex

Many people are unclear about what Tantra is and what it is not.  Tantra is not a religion, a sexual cult, a new age spiritual philosophy, exhibitionism, swinging, or sex therapy.  Tantra is a Sanskrit (ancient Hindu language) word that means to weave energy, specifically Yin (female) and Yang (male) energy, between two lovers.  This energy includes our thoughts, feelings, and physical and sexual actions. 


There are different kinds of Tantra, but we are going to focus on Red Tantra, which directs sexual energy to your lover.  So I’d like to welcome you to a unique journey of sensual and sexual exploration that will prepare you for the 5,000 year old practice of Tantra.


Tantra can help to heal a hurt relationship; it can break down defensive walls, improve intimate communication, and enhance a relationship that has lost its sizzle and spice.  For women, Tantra can empower and fulfill their sensual needs; for men it can open up a whole new world to intimacy and it can give them the tools to become multi-orgasmic.  For couples, it's an opportunity to create a more meaningful and intimate connection. 


So, get ready to explore new sexual territory, expand your ideas about your relationship, intimacy, and better sex. To do this you will need to learn and experience all six of the essential Tantric elements: Breath, Movement, Muscle Lock, Sound, Intention, and Attention and to enjoy the journey of Tantra, rather than focusing on your immediate pleasure (climax).


Achieving Tantric Bliss through the six elements of Tantra will take your relationship to a whole new physical, emotional and spiritual level.  Here’s an opportunity for you to enjoy the quest for enlightenment together and become one with the Universe! There are ten important guidelines and ground rules for both of you to share with each other before you embark on your Tantra journey and they will enhance both of your experiences.


  • Be willing to explore new sexual territory.
  • Open your heart to your lover.
  • Be willing to let go of your ego.
  • Exchange and blend your Yin and Yang energy with your lover.
  • Enjoy the journey of lovemaking.  It’s not about a goal.
  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable.  You’ll be greatly rewarded!!
  • Be willing to trust yourself and your lover.
  • Have no expectations.
  • Make no judgments.
  • Be prepared to have fun!

To sum up, Tantra helps you to:

heal a hurt relationship,

create a more intimate connection, and

enhance your sexual experience.

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