Expert: 98 Tips For Dating, Kissing, Love And Sex

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Sex Tips

  1. Always urinate after sex to prevent infections.
  2. Don’t say “I love you” during sex unless you mean it.
  3. To intensify your orgasms, change your regular sex position.
  4. Gargle with mouthwash before oral sex.  It provides a tingling sensation for your lover.
  5. Never compare penis or breast size with your lover. It reminds them that you’re thinking of another lover.
  6. Discuss sexual fears as well as pleasures with your lover.
  7. Use a lubricant before you need it, to prevent soreness.
  8. Arouse your lover by licking their eyelids.
  9. Always use water-based lubricants.  (Oil or petroleum-based ones can destroy latex)
  10. Try latex gloves for finger penetration, especially if you have cuts or abrasions. (gloves will offer a new form of stimulation)
  11. Don’t forget to put a condom on a sex toy that will be used by more than one person.
  12. Change condoms when going from the anus to the vagina.
  13. Don’t leave a hickey high on your lover’s neck, or some other noticeable place, unless they ask you to.
  14. Don’t place anything used for anal play into a woman’s vagina before cleaning it thoroughly, including your finger.
  15. Never discuss past lovers with your current partner, unless they ask you to.
  16. Never let someone tie you up unless you know them well and trust them.
  17. Never criticize your lover’s mother.
  18. Never leave the wet spot on your lover’s side.
  19. Don’t take it personally if your lover doesn’t climax every time.
  20. Never talk about your daily problems during love-making.
  21. Don’t send flowers and think everything is OK without communicating with your lover.
  22. Never seal your mouth over a woman’s vagina and blow air into it when she’s pregnant.  It could cause an air embolism and be fatal.
  23. Don’t argue, insult or criticize your lover in front of friends, family, or in public.
  24. Be careful about placing food inside a woman’s vagina, especially sugary foods.  They can cause infections.
  25. Don’t use nylon stockings to tie up your lover because they are difficult to untie.
  26. Keep your eyes open during love-making and watch your lovers face for a different sensation.
  27. Never argue with your lover before you go to sleep.
  28. Don’t forget to cuddle after sex.
  29. Lack of sexual desire is mainly caused by stress and overworking.
  30. Don’t forget to return your lover’s phone calls without delay—it shows you care