Expert: 98 Tips For Dating, Kissing, Love And Sex

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No Distractions During Love Making

  1. Don’t answer the phone or pager.
  2. If you have children, tell them mom and dad need to have their private play time.
  3. Turn the TV off.

Women Need To Be Prepared For Love

  1. Men should learn to undress a woman slowly and appreciate every part of her skin before making love to her. Every man should be able to remove a woman’s bra with one hand in the dark.
  2. Bubble baths are so romantic if only men would try them.
  3. Phone calls during the day to prepare your lover for the evening’s events are very effective.
  4. Bring home little trinkets for no special reason. A single flower or some chocolates will let her know that you were thinking about her.

Slower Is Better

  1. Every man should learn to give his lover a sensual massage.
  2. Take time to discover her erogenous zones from her toes to the top of her head and ask her to rate your caresses and kisses from 1 to 10.
  3. Use ice, whipped cream, or strawberry jam for foreplay.
  4. Build sexual anticipation and always wait to have your orgasm last.

Let Your Lover Know He/She's Making A Difference In Your Life

  1. Make them breakfast in bed.
  2. Write love letters.
  3. Ask for his/her wish list.
  4. Give lots of compliments.
  5. Go on romantic walks.
  6. Surprise him/her with a picnic.
  7. Always kiss goodbye and give a big welcome home.
  8. Kiss at unexpected times in unexpected places.
  9. Tell him/her what you love about them the most.
  10. Phone in the middle of the day just because.
  11. Take him/her on a fantasy date once a week.
  12. Record a message of love and leave it where it can be found.