Dr. Ava's Infidelity Rules


Dr. Ava’s Infidelity Rules USA TODAY reported that approximately 24% of men and 14% of women have had sex outside their marriages. In my opinion monogamy is not a natural human phenomenon, but it is a choice that we make when we want to make a commitment to someone. Infidelity is not the end of the world. As heartbreaking as it can be, I believe it is a wound that can be healed and relationships can survive.

Infidelity can also be avoided if you:

1. Spend emotional and quality time together. 2. Kiss each other passionately, daily.
3. Avoid monotony - schedule adventures.
4. Hold hands and caress each other frequently.
5. Flirt with each other often.
6. Remain curious about each other's lives.
7. Stay actively involved in your relationship. 8. Don't keep secrets from each other.
9. Share all aspects of your life, good and bad. 10. Nip problems in the bud when they occur.
11. Forgive each other readily to avoid anger and resentment.
12. Avoid tempting situations with someone you find attractive.
13. Communicate openly and honestly about your wants, needs, desires, and fears.
14. Exchange wish lists and make each other’s wishes come true.
15. Always show appreciation for your partner. 16. Make time to have fun and laugh together.
17. Find a hobby that interests you both so you can collaborate.
18. Don’t neglect your partner, especially on special occasions.
19. Keep the flames of passion burning by creating romantic memories
20. Respect your partner by being polite in any situation.