5 Steps To Self-Pleasuring

Whether you are single or in a relationship, make time for self-pleasure because it is part of self-love. Here are 5 steps to get you into a juicy state of mind.

1. Make sure you are in a comfortable and safe place where you can truly relax without any interruptions.
2. Breathe slowly and deeply as you feel your belly rise and fall with every breath.
3. Dab some water based lubricant onto your finger and then rub it on your hottest erogenous zones for a wet, silky, smooth sensation so you can be pleasured with ease and comfort. I recommend System Jo Lube as it feels very satiny and never sticky. Plus it’s odor, fragrance, oil, wax and silicone free, so it’s body-safe and works great with all sex toys.
4. Give yourself the gift of a sex toy that can turn you on and it will never reject or judge you. Evolved Novelties are the Rolls Royce of sex toys and I highly recommend their Symphony line of toys to stimulate the Clitoris and the G-spot. With their stylish textured designs, powerful vibrations, flexible angles, waterproof, body-safe multi-speed capabilities the G-Harmony, Opus and Dolphin Sonata can harmonize your body to reach it’s highest orgasmic pitch.
5. Close your eyes and let your mind wonder giving yourself permission to surrender to total pleasure. Imagine several fantasies until you find one that really turns you on and takes you to the point of no return.

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