12 Tips to Great Sex


I believe that regularly occurring and frequent sex will produce certain emotional and physical health benefits.


It has long been established that there are numerous health benefits related to sexual activity, an awareness that has been recorded in our culture for centuries in the form of such old wives’s tales as "use it, or lose it."  Just as if you don't use your household appliances regularly, they become rusty and break down.


Now you can tell your lover, spouse, significant other, or even yourself what you've hoped to hear for years!  Not only is sex fun and exciting - it's healthy.  "Sexercise" your body and see the benefits.  Do it alone or with someone, but do it.  Some of the same physical benefits you seek by working out at the gym are literally right at your fingertips.


Are you tired of waiting in line to use the barbells?  Is the treadmill tearing up your kneecaps?  Does that personal trainer show no mercy - no pain, no gain?  Tone those muscles, improve your health, and give your body a boost with Dr. Ava's Sexercise Tips.


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