Woman vs. Men: The game goes on!


It is widely recognized that men move on quicker after a relationship has ended than women.

It seems that all of us want to compare the sexes at some level, especially when it comes to break ups. Maybe it is our never-ending quest to get this thing called love figured out. After years of talking to hundreds of men and woman one thing has definitely appeared as a pattern when it comes to the way men vs. women handle a break up. We don’t get it!

It is widely recognized that men move on quicker after a relationship has ended than women. As a whole, men are encouraged and excel at superficial relationships, the types that they foster in their professions and in their personal friendships. This can leave them feeling lonely and unattached. However, it can also makes them appear to the world as thought they cannot be hurt. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Conversely, woman are good at relationships and all its nuances therefore they want to get to the good stuff that accompanies a committed relationship faster but this can make them appear needy. Again, not true.

From birth, men are not encouraged to be in-tune with there innermost feelings. Everything is superficial. All of their emotions are to be kept on the periphery. If something hurts they are told to “suck it up” or “big boys don’t cry”. This leaves them at an emotional disadvantage. Not to mention that American society doesn’t encourage men to share how they feel because if they do they are viewed as “soft” or feminine. Men view relationships as a sprint. The quicker they get to the end the better off they are.

Little girls are encouraged to talk about what it is that they are feeling. From an early age, they become comfortable expressing their thoughts and feelings. This experience allows them to navigate relationship’s challenges in a much more sensible fashion. Many women come equipped with emotional staying power. They possess the skills and understand the application of said skills to affect change within their relationships. Women see relationships as a marathon.

Inherently, men are wired and raised differently therefore their view of relationships and the break-up of those relationships are going to be diametrically opposed to the female operating system. There is no way around that and probably never will be.

When we take into consideration to look at men and woman differently, not necessarily as a comparison to be judged, but one that allows us to be different, maybe then we can lay to rest the Woman VS Men competition.

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