What Makes A Man Feel Validated On Dates?

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Here are the ABCD’s of making him feel as special as he makes you feel.

If you’ve ever seen any type of dating advice about how to make someone feel special on a date, the advice is usually geared toward guys who want to make a woman feel special. But what about the woman who wants to go out of her way to make her man feel special? Men love validation just as much, if not more than women, and it is important to show him that you appreciate him. Here are the ABCD’s of making him feel as special as he makes you feel.

  • 1. Ask questions. There are few things people love more than talking about themselves, and whether you’ve been together for 6 days or 6 months, he will never get tired of talking about himself. Guys love it when we ask them questions because it lets them know that we really do have an interest in their lives. Make sure that you don’t just ask the same questions over and over again, and remember to avoid asking questions where the answer is just a “yes” or “no”. Instead ask opened ended questions that will allow him to elaborate on the topic. If you aren’t sure what to ask him, simply listen to the things he’s saying and direct your questions accordingly.
  • 2. Be kind. Kindness can really go a long way in making your date feel special. When are genuinely nice, it will change the entire atmosphere and make your date feel at ease. The kinder you are, the kinder your date will be, and as a result, your night will be much more enjoyable. Remember that smiling can oftentimes say what words can’t, so when in doubt, smile.
  • 3. Compliment him. Who doesn’t like a great compliment? Many women feel nervous about complimenting men, but don’t worry, there’s nothing to be afraid of. In fact, some studies say that when we receive a compliment, our brain reacts the same as it does when someone gives us cash. That’s right, getting a compliment is just as rewarding as getting paid. So if your guy is wearing a great outfit or his hair looks great, let him know. And keep in mind that you don’t only have to compliment his outward appearance. Complimenting his character, his mind and his personality is also an effective way to make him feel validated. Positive reinforcement is important in relationships because it makes the other person feel appreciated.
  • 4. Don’t get distracted. Most guys can agree that when women are constantly texting and emailing, they feel neglected and unappreciated. While it is probably unrealistic to tell you to turn your phone off while you’re on a date, definitely turn it on silent and put it in your purse. I know, it may seem like torture, but whatever messages are sent to your BlackBerry during your date will be there waiting for you once the date is over. If you are notoriously glued to your phone, the simple gesture of making your date your number one priority will make him feel like he’s on top of the world. And don’t feel that you have to make a big announcement about ignoring your phone. Instead let him notice and comment on it. And trust me, he will notice it.

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