Top 5 Tricks & Treats Of Dating

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Being single can be spooky, but it can also be fun! Check out the best & worst things about dating.

In the spirit of Halloween, I offer you dating's top five tricks — the things that keep you alone and feeling frustrated in dating and love. I would be a bad witch if I did not give you the corresponding 5 treats — the things that make dating all worthwhile — that dispel these myths once and for all! Quiz: What's Your Communication Style?

Ladies, I am not here to sugar-coat today's dating scene. I will concede that dating can be a challenge and at times be down right horrible! The problem is if we don't question the tricks we have playing out in the hidden corners of our minds — the ones that influence our behavior and make us doubt our capabilities of attracting and keeping lasting love — we will never get to the treats that love has in store for us.

Your awareness of these hidden limitations determine the success that you'll have. Like hidden calories in non-fat foods, sometimes these limitations have a false front. They appear to be normal thoughts but in actuality, they are sabotaging any chances you have of getting what you want. It's time you challenged these false ideas once and for all.

Here are dating's top five nasty tricks:

  1. Dating is just too hard.
  2. I am too [fill in the blank].
  3. I am afraid to be myself on dates because he may not like me.
  4. Men want only one thing
  5. Only losers date online.

Many women have these same thoughts about dating but I am here to tell you that these false ideas or tricks have corresponding treats. These treats will provide you with answers you deserve. Online Dating Blues? How To Avoid Disappointment

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