How to Find Love Through Somebody Else’s Eyes

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When you are dating and want to find love, wouldn’t it be great to have a magic mirror...?

When you are dating and want to find love, wouldn’t it be great to have a magic mirror where you could see your future with that person? You wouldn’t have to guess about whether or not you would have a “Happily Ever After”. It would play out before you in that magic mirror. Or what about a crystal ball? You could take your date to a gypsy and she could sit you down and let you know whether or not you should even bother ordering dessert.

Well, sorry to tell you that the world of magic mirrors and crystal balls that tell your dating future simply doesn’t exist.

However, there still may be a way to help you find love and feel confident about a happy future by looking at a reflection. The reflection I’m talking about is that of somebody else’s eyes looking at you.

Let me explain.

So often we fill ourselves with self doubt. We tend to focus on our flaws and what I like to call the list of too’s. Too old, too fat, too boring or too tall, to mention a few. We train our brain to focus on our flaws. As a result we will consciously or unconsciously draw attention to the parts of our physical appearance or personality that we tend to judge harshly.

By trying to cover up or over compensate for what we believe our flaws are we often cause our date to establish the same opinion that we have – the negative one. We sabotage the relationship by convincing our date to see what we see, even if that was the furthest thing from his mind.

For example, upon meeting you he may have been struck by what a great smile you have. However, by the end of the date you may have convinced him that your teeth are too big and you have a fat ass. Your self-doubt becomes too great of a burden for him and your phone never rings for that second date.

But let’s imagine what could happen if you stopped the negative self-talk long enough to see yourself through his eyes. What if you knew that when you first met he was taken aback by the beautiful smile that you greeted him with? The entire date could have had a different ending, don’t you agree?

The quality of your dates and your ability to find love isn’t all about “the guy”. It’s not about who you date – it’s about how you date. It’s about allowing yourself to see yourself in the same manner that others see you which is usually much less critical.

You need confidence and the right attitude to find love and fill your life with real, genuine happiness. The kind of happiness that you deserve; the kind of happiness that you crave. Knowing the right steps to take to gain the attitude and the confidence will help you reach your goal quicker. And, knowing the secrets of attraction to keep them coming back will allow you to find love not just through somebody else’s eyes, but through your own eyes as well.

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