Jump Back Into Dating!


It occurred to me one day that dating is one of the biggest adventures you could ever embark on.

It occurred to me one day that dating is one of the biggest adventures you could ever embark on. Think about it: You don’t have to fly 10,000 feet in the air, strap yourself to an all-too-perky instructor and his “trusty” parachute, and then jump out of a moving airplane to get an adrenaline rush. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

You can feel all that exhilaration and more with both feet safely on the ground. Remember the last time you got ready for a date with somebody you were totally into? You probably shook a tail feather powdering your nose in the bathroom. I’ll bet your skin positively hummed. And your heart rate when you heard that knock on the door? Simply. Wild.

But something happens between the high of that toe-tapping thrill and the low point of wondering what went wrong when you’re alone again. Does dating really have to be like skydiving, all head rush and excitement with a guaranteed letdown at the end of the trip?

No way!

At Get Up and Date™, we’re here to reunite you with that electricity. We’re all about showing you how to capture his heart—not with your sexiest perfume or your sleek pre-first date haircut—but with the proven, most attractive asset you can show off: confidence!

With that irresistible pull, you can build on the potential strength you already possess to attract the man you really want. Dating doesn’t have to be as complex or scary as skydiving—but I dare you to take the plunge. Get Up and Date.

You don’t have to go on this adventure alone; our blog will be full of Advantage dating tips and questions from women just like you! Make it fun!

Email me anytime at lori@loripinkerton.com and ask me questions so I can help you in this area.

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